The primary Strato International Logo, gradient red with long shadow, is intended for use by the Strato International Group and the airway of the same name. The brandmark, the “flying leaf,” simultaneously denotes a Canada Goose and a maple leaf, prominent Canadian symbols. It is cleaved from a maple leaf as found on the Canadian flag. Thus, the logo lays claim to Strato International’s proud heritage as the flagship Canadian international carrier. To be used on pure white (#FFFFFF) background only.

Strato International Corporate Seal

Strato International Corporate Seal The Strato Corporate Seal is used on official corporate documents and where applicable elsewhere. It consists of the “flying leaf” brandmark of Strato International on a Guardsman Red circle. Although intended as a secondary logo only, it can be used in the same use-cases as the primary corporate logo, at the discretion of the firm. The “flying leaf,” embodies the values of the airline. These are communicated in the Guardsman Red and White seal.

Secondary Logo Variant

Combining the official typeset and seal, this secondary-use logo variant can be used where a wide logo is required. Subtle gradients, long shadows, and an iconic typeset, along with the “flying maple” seal are used to create a more traditional, yet modern and minimalistic, logo. Due to the long shadows, this variant can only be used on a pure white (#FFFFFF) background.

Other Logo Variants

The primary-use logo, secondary-use logo, and corporate seal have also been rendered in grayscale and in solid white. The same shadow effects and gradients make these variants unusable on backgrounds which are not solid white. The grayscale variants are intended for use with StratoFinancial and Strato International Ground Services, as well as where the context requires the use of the grayscale logos for aesthetic reasons. Never to be used on official documents, the flat white logos, without shadow or overlap, can be used in marketing applications, as banners, or over pictures with a dark background, such as on the Black Pearl/Biscay Blue gradient shown here.